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“Help Find a Better Way to Govern Britain”

Dear Editor,

Do you pride yourself as a member of a ‘Free Press’, reflecting the concerns and views of your public, promoting your publication as a true defender of the “Fourth Estate”?

If so, you could act as the conscience of your reading public by giving them the chance to have a real say in this year’s General Election result – by sponsoring someone not aligned to the dead hand of our Big 3 Party Politics as an alternative voice for your readers.

This is a personal Challenge to you - help someone – anyone – to put themselves forward as the a-political ‘A Better Way to Govern” Candidate in your constituency for this General Election.

You do not need to take sides in the Party Political contests.

Nor do you need to concern yourself with policies.

ABTWG has only one, ‘simple’ aim. To allow the people of Britain to exercise their right to decide how they choose a Government, not who should tell them what to do.

You can find out more at “A Better way to Govern Britain

So please, help us to give your reading public a real chance to have a proper say in this year’s election. Pay the £500 cost of entering a candidate and line up 10 nomination signatories.

And let your readers give voice to the concerns that are being expressed up and down the country. With this General Election heading for the lowest ever voter turnout, help turn sterility into a common cause. Earn your place as a medium for change and a channel for consultation by Britain’s first ever ‘People’s Parliament’

Dear John,

An interesting phenomenon for you, both as an intellectual academic exercise and as a practical commentator on events..

Despite comprehensive Media releases on the launch of "A Better Way to Govern" together with related follow ups and personal e-mails, this has received absolutely no response from anywhere.

No local or national media coverage and no calls or other enquiries to investigate this even a little.

Why is it that, at a time when you and many others are seeing wide public disinterest in the General Election as well as the prospect of an even lower turnout, the "Fourth Estate" has so completely 'blanked' an initiative that, at the very least, would have injected some interest into the proceedings?

As co-founder of the Green Party in the early '70's, I knew that promoting this further heresy to our political establishment would be difficult. However, at that time we did attract a reassonable level of interest and response. Now, although at an individual level most people express themselves as very supportive, en masse they are being denied the knowledge that an alternative exists.

Does the absence of this now reflect some overarching protection of collective interests in retaining the status quo?

Is it seen as too radical a step, even though it would seem to reflect many, if not all, public concerns and demands?

As an academic I'd be very interested to know your views.

Best regards - and good luck with your efforts to inform people.,

Yours sincerely,

Michael Benfield
Professor Michael Benfield PhD

A Timely Warning

  • Despite their complaints that the General Election is becoming almost a ‘non-event’.
  • Despite their ‘analysis’ that there is little, if any, real difference between main Party Policies
  • Despite their concerns that the public has lost interest in what the main contenders say
  • Despite their forecasts that voter turnout could be even less this time than ever before

… the media are being blind to the real issue and the prime reason behind all of the above: - Holding on to Party Power!

Closed Ranks

It is almost as though they have come together and closed ranks to protect some interest that they have in common with the main Political Parties – holding on to Party Power. This is well evidenced by the forthcoming TV ‘debates’ that focus attention on the three main contenders as though there were no others.

Media Failing Its Duty

Certainly the Press, and media in general, are no longer fulfilling their function as the nation’s ‘Fourth Estate’ . They are failing to disseminate information and tell the public both what is on offer and what is at stake.

Seemingly they have become fearful that, if they ‘let the cat out of the bag’ then they will attract the odium of whoever forms the new administration, thereby opening up the possibility of real restrictions on their supposed freedoms.

Why Have a ‘Free Press’?

But what is the point in maintaining freedom of the press if they are trammelled into following main Party dictates?

Where is their future if they all they dare do is ‘stay on message’ as determined by the mandarins of party power?

Lack of Coverage

While there has been some small coverage allowed to the Scottish Nationalists, Plaid Cymru and even the ‘Greens’, little if any voice is being given to the other smaller parties. And if our media denies them the right to be heard, where then is the value in a ‘free press’?

Silent Conspiracy Destroying Democracy

With such supposed gatekeepers to liberty, there is little or no chance that anyone substantially challenging the Political Party Establishment will ever emerge on the public stage. Nor will Britons ever acquire the power to decide how they wish to be governed for themselves.

If the media wish to show that there is still some hope for democracy. If they wish to disprove the contention that this General Election is merely some charade being played out between them and the main Political Parties. If they are truly not silent conspirators in a process intended to lull the people into acquiescence; then they have the duty to let the British Public know that at this General Election it is their right, and for the first time ever, the power to change the course of history

Media Lacks Courage

At this stage in the game I am beginning to doubt very much that they will have the courage to do this.

Spot the Difference!

Go on – I challenge you to find one..

There’s a really BIG prize for anyone that can truly differentiate between the 3 main contenders, or indeed the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists, in the run up to this General Election..

That’s because there isn’t one.

Self Evident

In fact they effectively evidence this themselves as they scrabble around trying to create ‘blue water’ between their ‘policies’.

But they can’t – and neither can the media.

The news is … Well … it’s almost non-existent.

Just the ‘same old, same old’ How leaning in one direction or another might save or lose a few more jobs than the other.

So, what does this tell us?

That they are all playing the same game – hanging on to POWER.

And to do that they have to preserve the same Party Political system that has kept them where they are for the last several hundred years.

This was clear from yesterdays carve up over referenda and other proposed ‘reforms’

It doesn’t matter what they tell us.

It doesn’t matter what promises they make.
It doesn’t matter who you vote for (and it certainly wont be your candidate)
It doesn’t matter who gets the most seats (and there is another carve up)
It doesn’t matter if one or other gets a clear majority, or if there is a ‘hung’ parliament

You’ll still be electing the same tired old ‘Government’.

What you won’t be doing is voting for any real way that you can influence what they do.

Reconstruct the System

Only by totally reconstructing our system of representation and Government can we do that.

Which means voting for “A Better Way to Govern” and electing Britain’s first “People’s Parliament”

There you are. Here's your BIG prize.

Now you really can

‘Spot the Difference’ !

Are YOU up for it?


Not since Cromwell have Britons been so fired up about the way their freedoms are being strangled, their rights taken away, and their power usurped by a small ruling elite of the major Parties.


But now the Internet gives every Briton the chance to join a ‘Bloodless Revolution”.


Why should they bother?


No one does what they want anyway.


That is exactly why “A Better way to Govern” has come into being.


For the first time in hundreds of years, voters can get rid of the Party Political stranglehold on power and create an entirely new system of representation and Government.


Better still, they can do this using a mechanism that guarantees them that their views and suggestions full consideration by the next Parliament.


That is if they act NOW.


All Agree - System is "Bust"


The main political parties agree that the system ‘is bust’. They try to fool us that they will put it all right by undertaking some ‘reforms’. “Believe what we tell you and we’ll make all this nastiness go away” they cry with one voice.


But we are not children anymore. Nor do be believe their charades of crying ‘Wolf’ at one another while cosying up for a bit of collaboration on how to retain and divide power between them.


The only way “Britons never ever, ever shall be slaves” is to rid ourselves of the Party Political system that enchains us.


"Rule Britannia"


It is time for the people to “Rule Britannia”, not some Political Class who, having studied politics and joined the system, feel they have the divine right to tell the rest of the country what to do. Most of us know what a day’s work, or a dole queue, feels like. They decidedly do not.


Can you do better than your MP?

If so, give it a go.


Click here NOW!


Over the years I have progressively reached the regrettable conclusion that the British democracy I was born into is no more.

I see the parlous state of Britain today as the result of an almost inevitable atrophy of our institutions, rooted in the distant failure of our historic ‘rulers’ to truly allow people to have power.

Instead their party political descendants have grasped and retained power for their own ends using the illusion of ‘Democracy’ as a useful tool to enable successive power elites to manipulate the masses.

For me this means that all promises to ‘reform’ our political culture, practices and politicians are doomed to failure.

The only way to address our present situation and avoid future woes is, I believes, to undertake a ‘root and branch’ reconstruction of our structures of representation and government.

It is for this sole purpose that “A Better Way to Govern” has come into being.

Michael Benfield


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