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BBC Radio 4 'Sunday' Programme

Electoral System Protests
(Please pass to your commentators on today's 'Sunday')

While many now voice concern at the way our electoral system operates, few have analysed the cause.
This is rooted in our top down system.

Effectively this encourages small elites to grasp and retain power by 'bribing' the electorate with unsustainable promises.
The resulting Party Political system uses the chimera of democracy as an illusion to confuse and obfuscate their power mongering from the people

Citizens should not be hostage to international finance, but (for the first time) allowed grass roots deliberation and determination of how they pass power to higher levels of government.

Paraphrasing the 1942 (?) Papal Bull, "It is a sin, a mortal crime, to steal anyone’s power of decision"
For more on this argument please see:-

Although 'blanked' by the media its position needs airing now more than ever

Michael Benfield
01291 437 050


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