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Bloodless Revolution - Civil War of Words

Are YOU up for it?


Not since Cromwell have Britons been so fired up about the way their freedoms are being strangled, their rights taken away, and their power usurped by a small ruling elite of the major Parties.


But now the Internet gives every Briton the chance to join a ‘Bloodless Revolution”.


Why should they bother?


No one does what they want anyway.


That is exactly why “A Better way to Govern” has come into being.


For the first time in hundreds of years, voters can get rid of the Party Political stranglehold on power and create an entirely new system of representation and Government.


Better still, they can do this using a mechanism that guarantees them that their views and suggestions full consideration by the next Parliament.


That is if they act NOW.


All Agree - System is "Bust"


The main political parties agree that the system ‘is bust’. They try to fool us that they will put it all right by undertaking some ‘reforms’. “Believe what we tell you and we’ll make all this nastiness go away” they cry with one voice.


But we are not children anymore. Nor do be believe their charades of crying ‘Wolf’ at one another while cosying up for a bit of collaboration on how to retain and divide power between them.


The only way “Britons never ever, ever shall be slaves” is to rid ourselves of the Party Political system that enchains us.


"Rule Britannia"


It is time for the people to “Rule Britannia”, not some Political Class who, having studied politics and joined the system, feel they have the divine right to tell the rest of the country what to do. Most of us know what a day’s work, or a dole queue, feels like. They decidedly do not.


Can you do better than your MP?

If so, give it a go.


Click here NOW!


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