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British Democracy has become an Illusion


Over the years I have progressively reached the regrettable conclusion that the British democracy I was born into is no more.

I see the parlous state of Britain today as the result of an almost inevitable atrophy of our institutions, rooted in the distant failure of our historic ‘rulers’ to truly allow people to have power.

Instead their party political descendants have grasped and retained power for their own ends using the illusion of ‘Democracy’ as a useful tool to enable successive power elites to manipulate the masses.

For me this means that all promises to ‘reform’ our political culture, practices and politicians are doomed to failure.

The only way to address our present situation and avoid future woes is, I believes, to undertake a ‘root and branch’ reconstruction of our structures of representation and government.

It is for this sole purpose that “A Better Way to Govern” has come into being.

Michael Benfield


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