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Open Letter to John Curtice, Professor of Politics Strathclyde University

Dear John,

An interesting phenomenon for you, both as an intellectual academic exercise and as a practical commentator on events..

Despite comprehensive Media releases on the launch of "A Better Way to Govern" together with related follow ups and personal e-mails, this has received absolutely no response from anywhere.

No local or national media coverage and no calls or other enquiries to investigate this even a little.

Why is it that, at a time when you and many others are seeing wide public disinterest in the General Election as well as the prospect of an even lower turnout, the "Fourth Estate" has so completely 'blanked' an initiative that, at the very least, would have injected some interest into the proceedings?

As co-founder of the Green Party in the early '70's, I knew that promoting this further heresy to our political establishment would be difficult. However, at that time we did attract a reassonable level of interest and response. Now, although at an individual level most people express themselves as very supportive, en masse they are being denied the knowledge that an alternative exists.

Does the absence of this now reflect some overarching protection of collective interests in retaining the status quo?

Is it seen as too radical a step, even though it would seem to reflect many, if not all, public concerns and demands?

As an academic I'd be very interested to know your views.

Best regards - and good luck with your efforts to inform people.,

Yours sincerely,

Michael Benfield
Professor Michael Benfield PhD


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