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Press Protecting Political Party Power - warns Professor

A Timely Warning

  • Despite their complaints that the General Election is becoming almost a ‘non-event’.
  • Despite their ‘analysis’ that there is little, if any, real difference between main Party Policies
  • Despite their concerns that the public has lost interest in what the main contenders say
  • Despite their forecasts that voter turnout could be even less this time than ever before

… the media are being blind to the real issue and the prime reason behind all of the above: - Holding on to Party Power!

Closed Ranks

It is almost as though they have come together and closed ranks to protect some interest that they have in common with the main Political Parties – holding on to Party Power. This is well evidenced by the forthcoming TV ‘debates’ that focus attention on the three main contenders as though there were no others.

Media Failing Its Duty

Certainly the Press, and media in general, are no longer fulfilling their function as the nation’s ‘Fourth Estate’ . They are failing to disseminate information and tell the public both what is on offer and what is at stake.

Seemingly they have become fearful that, if they ‘let the cat out of the bag’ then they will attract the odium of whoever forms the new administration, thereby opening up the possibility of real restrictions on their supposed freedoms.

Why Have a ‘Free Press’?

But what is the point in maintaining freedom of the press if they are trammelled into following main Party dictates?

Where is their future if they all they dare do is ‘stay on message’ as determined by the mandarins of party power?

Lack of Coverage

While there has been some small coverage allowed to the Scottish Nationalists, Plaid Cymru and even the ‘Greens’, little if any voice is being given to the other smaller parties. And if our media denies them the right to be heard, where then is the value in a ‘free press’?

Silent Conspiracy Destroying Democracy

With such supposed gatekeepers to liberty, there is little or no chance that anyone substantially challenging the Political Party Establishment will ever emerge on the public stage. Nor will Britons ever acquire the power to decide how they wish to be governed for themselves.

If the media wish to show that there is still some hope for democracy. If they wish to disprove the contention that this General Election is merely some charade being played out between them and the main Political Parties. If they are truly not silent conspirators in a process intended to lull the people into acquiescence; then they have the duty to let the British Public know that at this General Election it is their right, and for the first time ever, the power to change the course of history

Media Lacks Courage

At this stage in the game I am beginning to doubt very much that they will have the courage to do this.


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