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Professor Challenges UK Local Press

“Help Find a Better Way to Govern Britain”

Dear Editor,

Do you pride yourself as a member of a ‘Free Press’, reflecting the concerns and views of your public, promoting your publication as a true defender of the “Fourth Estate”?

If so, you could act as the conscience of your reading public by giving them the chance to have a real say in this year’s General Election result – by sponsoring someone not aligned to the dead hand of our Big 3 Party Politics as an alternative voice for your readers.

This is a personal Challenge to you - help someone – anyone – to put themselves forward as the a-political ‘A Better Way to Govern” Candidate in your constituency for this General Election.

You do not need to take sides in the Party Political contests.

Nor do you need to concern yourself with policies.

ABTWG has only one, ‘simple’ aim. To allow the people of Britain to exercise their right to decide how they choose a Government, not who should tell them what to do.

You can find out more at “A Better way to Govern Britain

So please, help us to give your reading public a real chance to have a proper say in this year’s election. Pay the £500 cost of entering a candidate and line up 10 nomination signatories.

And let your readers give voice to the concerns that are being expressed up and down the country. With this General Election heading for the lowest ever voter turnout, help turn sterility into a common cause. Earn your place as a medium for change and a channel for consultation by Britain’s first ever ‘People’s Parliament’


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