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Spot the Difference!

Spot the Difference!

Go on – I challenge you to find one..

There’s a really BIG prize for anyone that can truly differentiate between the 3 main contenders, or indeed the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists, in the run up to this General Election..

That’s because there isn’t one.

Self Evident

In fact they effectively evidence this themselves as they scrabble around trying to create ‘blue water’ between their ‘policies’.

But they can’t – and neither can the media.

The news is … Well … it’s almost non-existent.

Just the ‘same old, same old’ How leaning in one direction or another might save or lose a few more jobs than the other.

So, what does this tell us?

That they are all playing the same game – hanging on to POWER.

And to do that they have to preserve the same Party Political system that has kept them where they are for the last several hundred years.

This was clear from yesterdays carve up over referenda and other proposed ‘reforms’

It doesn’t matter what they tell us.

It doesn’t matter what promises they make.
It doesn’t matter who you vote for (and it certainly wont be your candidate)
It doesn’t matter who gets the most seats (and there is another carve up)
It doesn’t matter if one or other gets a clear majority, or if there is a ‘hung’ parliament

You’ll still be electing the same tired old ‘Government’.

What you won’t be doing is voting for any real way that you can influence what they do.

Reconstruct the System

Only by totally reconstructing our system of representation and Government can we do that.

Which means voting for “A Better Way to Govern” and electing Britain’s first “People’s Parliament”

There you are. Here's your BIG prize.

Now you really can

‘Spot the Difference’ !


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