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Are You A Moaner, or a 'Dooer'?

You'll know lots of people who complain all the time about the politicians, bankers, teachers, police, planners, bureaucrats and 'them' generally.

They make a lot of noise.

Tell everyone what they would do.

But then do nothing.

But then there comes a time when they get so riled, so furious, so totally disgusted and 'fed up' that they really want to do something, but don't quite know what, or how to go about it.

If you are one of these people ...

... then 'A Better Way to Govern' is for you.

We Need ...

  • Forum Moderators
  • Candidates - immediately
  • All kinds of other helpers - see the lists
  • Funding - either from members, supporters, or donors (again see lists)

Make a Start Today

Read these pages, decide how you can help to choose "A Better Way to Govern", and send us your support.

Please do so NOW



Video: Life Of Brian PFJ meeting to take action