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A Better Way to Avoid Corruption


“They say there’s a lot of it about …

… They say there’s a lot of it about
. .Some get here
. .Some get it there
. .But they corrupt society every bloomin' where”

It’s true

As this adaption of the old music hall song illustrates, today corruption seems to have permeated every walk of life.

And while it may be true that corruption is worse in many other countries, most of them have, in one form or another, copied our “Mother of Parliaments” system of Party Politics.

Maybe that tells us something.

Perhaps it also points a way toward reducing, if not actually eliminating, corruption from national and local politics. As we search for ways to do this we may actually discover routes to cut it out from other walks of life.

Who knows?

Finding a Better Way

But, along with several other key areas of concern addressed on this website, it will be the task of the “People’s Parliament” to find and incorporate means within the overall task of delivering “A Better Way to Govern Britain” for your approval.

Your Chance to Take Part

Like many people you may have thoughts that concern you as well as ideas about what should be done and suggestions for controlling corruption.

Please use this forum to share these with everyone, not least the “People’s Parliament” that you are about to elect.

A Forum for YOUR Ideas

Like the other Forums on this web site, we have created a structure for you to submit your concerns, ideas and suggestions for “A Better Way to Avoid Corruption”.

It is not intended as a major discussion Forum, although brief comments may be made.

Rather, it is intended as a vehicle to categorise and sort everyone’s contributions for discussion by the "People’s Parliament” that you are about to elect

Preparing and Submitting Your Suggestions

Because possibly millions of people will wish to engage in this consultative process, you will note that you can only submit your concerns (300 chars) IF you also put forward a suggested solution (100 chars).

Please submit your more general concerns to the Open Debate

Keeping your specific submission to this Forum brief and to the point will help your new MP’s to give each and all of them proper consideration.

Leaving your e-mail address will make it possible to contact you to ask for further clarification and explanation, either by ‘phone or in person.

Forum - A Better Way to Avoid Corruption

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