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A Better Way to Business Equity

Close Links With Other Concerns

There are those in society who argue that business is inherently a corrupt practice. They see it as a collective vehicle for improperly expropriating the true value of labour in exchange for miserly monetary and other compensation. In one short step they link Bank Bonuses, Internet Fraud, and Identity theft with ‘Business’ as the great ogre. But whether or not there such views hold substance, together with many other issues these are concerns that our Government has to address as we move further into the 21st Century.

Classical Capitalism

Most businesses in the UK operate under the classical capitalist model of owner shareholders and employee workers.

But there are other models, like the John Lewis Partnership, or Scott Bader Cooperative, for instance.

Workers Interests

Over the years Trades Unions have been created to protect the collective interests of workers. The State has also taken a hand, legislating on issues of unfair dismissal and redundancy, for example, thereby creating a whole new body of employment law.

Consumer Interests

For many years ‘Caveat Emptor’ was the primary guide for consumer protection. But trends to less ethical conduct in business fuelled, some would claim, by clever lawyers and manipulative accountants keen to steer public companies to stock market success, has led to the establishment of a whole new body of Consumer Protection Law, as with Employment Law.

Excessive Complication

In these areas and more besides, today many people feel that we are trying to exist in an excessively complex, over regulated society; a situation that, to boot, is getting progressively worse.

Fair Dues for All

As indicated above, other ways of running and conducting business, of working together for common interests, of delivering best value and after sales care to customers, together with generally equitable arrangements do exist. Whether they come from the UK or other countries, it would do not harm to reconsider the way that the UK conducts ‘business’.

Finding a Better Way

Along with several other key areas of concern addressed on this website, it will be the task of the “People’s Parliament” to find and incorporate means within the overall task of delivering “A Better Way to Govern Britain” for your approval.

Your Chance to Take Part

Like many people you may have thoughts that concern you as well as ideas about what should be done and suggestions for developing “A Better Way to Business Equity”.

Please share your concerns and suggestions with everyone via the “A Better Way to Business Equity” Forum, now.

They will also be passed to the “People’s Parliament” that you are about to elect.

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