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A Better Way to Defend Britain

The ‘Defence Industry’

Some people object to the term ‘Defence Industry’ on the grounds that it is immoral to research, innovate, manufacture and sell goods and systems for killing people from (other?) countries. To them this places only a thin veil over what might be more properly called the Armaments, Munitions, or Weapons Industry.

They might also see our Armed Forces as the marketing arm of that industry, testing, trialling, proving, and demonstrating the efficiency with which their end products do their job.

“Guns or Ploughshares”

But whatever label it is given, it is a huge employer, a huge earner of foreign revenue, and a massive spender of our GDP.

Given that since the 1960’s successive governments have progressively seen fit to allow Britain to lose much of its manufacturing capacity and to trade financial and other services with those countries who do produce the physical goods we need, what would they put in its place?

Should employment even be a consideration ion this equation?

Is it realistic to consider turning this capacity over to making ‘ploughshares’ rather than ‘guns’

Do We Really Mean ‘Defence’?

Or is it really to Protect British Interests? If we do, does this need to extend to sending our servicemen and women to fight in some far off land for what seems to many like an indeterminate, ill-defined cause?

If the defence of our Island and our way of life is the issue, then might we not find some better, perhaps more economical way to achieve this? Ineed, what type of 'attack' are we likely to face? Will it be physical invasion from a national force, undercover terrorist attrrocities, or subliminal psychological brainwashing? Will it be inside our own shores, or via another country, as we are led to believe is the case with, for example, Afghanistan? And would the need for any of these 'defences' be increased or lessened if we were not to place expeditionary or combat forces elsewhere?

Whatever the answer to these issues, how best should we address them? Via 'reserve' forces that parallel our professional military, training everyone to become a guerrilla force if under physical attack, or just specialist education to enable us all to be 'more wathcful? Perhaps we should also extend it to cultural, economic, educational and even other forms of defence.

Whatever the answer it is something that is vitally important to us all, the People of Britain.

It is also we who should decide and determine what actions to take, not some self-serving minister/s who put/s him/her/themselves ‘up for hire’, or secure high earning subsequent positions from those business or national interests they have protected during their term/s in office. . .

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