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A Better Way to Deliver Justice

Britain’s Ministry of Justice

So Britain finally has a ‘Ministry of Justice’

Big Deal!

For hundreds of years our system of Common Law, with the Lords of Justice being the Supreme, or final Court, of Appeal has served Britain well.

An Increasing Overlay of Laws

But as Party Political Government’s of all colours have both bought into the Europeanisation project and increasingly failed to get to grips with rising crime, bureaucratic maladministration, gaps in the constant stream of more laws that we have to follow, so they now hope to quiet down rising complaints and general public dissatisfaction with a new Ministry.

They may think they can fool us that this will make everything better. But the truth is none of it will do anything to address the root causes of concern that pervade the nation.

Of course it may help with the codification of British Law s to bring them into line with our European cousins. It may make our legislators feel they have achieved some higher purpose. It might even make it easier for them to hold us all to account for some petty misdemeanour here or there. But at what cost to our customs, culture – and, of course, finances?

The Case of the Natterjack Toad

The Natterjak Toad is a protected species. Something rare, perhaps even beautiful and interesting to see on a walk though the countryside. So much so that you might wish to take a photograph of it to share with friends, or record for your memories. And no matter if you’ve forgotten your camera, you can snap it on your mobile ‘phone. Beware! According to a recent television programme, if you do you are committing a criminal act for which there are exacting penalties.

Meanwhile …

Most people now think that if someone who mugs you, breaks into your home, steals your car, or whatever, harms themselves because of your negligence in not anticipating that they might do so if they undertook such understandable course of action, they can sue you for compensation.

No matter whether this is right or wrong this is what many of us now think.

Just what kind of crazy, muddle headed society have our Party Political Masters created?

Surely we can do better!

Join in the Debate

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