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A Better Way to Elderly Care

Will You Ever Be Old?

And if you will, have you any idea how you will survive, or be cared for.

Will your fate be the same as so many of our old people today?

Having bought into the ‘cradle to grave’ aspirations and promises of successive governments since 1945; having paid their dues to make sure they would not become a burden on their loved ones, destitute, or fatally ill; having been led to believe that they were making proper and adequate provisions, what do we find?

Pension Robbers!

Since Maggie Thatcher de-linked pensions from inflation, your ‘Pension Pot’ has been fair game for unscrupulous Party Political Leaders and Businessmen alike.

Don’t worry about the shortfall Old Boy.

Don’t get into unnecessary cash flow problems.

Don’t put the nations finances in jeopardy.

Just take it out of the Pension Pot.

Now Who Pays?

Regrettably we do.

Unless, that is, we can find A Better Way

Use the Forum

Please share your views with others through the “A Better Way to Elderly Care” Forum, now.

These will all be collected and submitted to the incoming “People’s parliament” that you are about to elect.

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