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A Better Way to Future Prosperity

At this moment in 2010 …

The Future’s Looking Pretty Grim


Grim Future


All Political Parties are warning us that there will be severe cut backs,higher taxes,reduced services,more job losses, ... and so on.

But it need not have been like this.

What Could Have Been Done

If successive Government’s had managed our country properly;

  • if they had husbanded our resources instead of squandering them
  • if they had controlled the banks
  • created a more equitable business environment
  • provided non-corrupt leadership
  • not got us involved in so many wars
  • listened more to our concerns about justice
  • ensured we had sufficient development land to
  • deliver affordable housing
  • made sure we could properly care for our elderly
  • taken a balanced approach to rewarding effort
  • and developed a truly Universal Education system

If they had recognised the wisdom in an environmental economics approach to running the country;

If they had not allowed their Party Political cravings for Power to undermine our democracy

.. then we would be in a much better position.

Over at least the last forty years for example,

We’ve Missed Out on …

  • creating, encouraging and developing ‘Green’ industries
  • reducing domestic and industrial energy consumption
  • assisting small farmers and horticulturalists to make us more self sufficient in food
  • tackling waste across all sectors of society
  • making more of all our resources
  • … and much more besides

What Do You Think Would Be A Better Way?

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