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Forums – “A Better Way to Govern Britain”

Who Cares What You Think?

Many people are concerned at the things that have been – and still are – happening in Britain.

  • You could talk to Party Political canvassers who knock your door and ask for your vote.
  • You could go to meetings, raise your concerns with Party Political Candidates.
  • You could write to them, the Prime Minister, even the Queen

But it is unlikely that you will be heard, or even acknowledged

Join in the Debate

Never mind about the staged TV debates.
They are the preserve of the big Parties and we’ve all ‘heard it all before’.
And you can’t have a say in them from in front of the telly
Anyway, these groomed Party Poopers aren’t interested in what you have to say.

Instead get on the ‘net and join thousands – maybe millions – of others in sorting out how, collectively, you can make a difference.

Apart from moderating topic and etiquette, your views will not be censored or restricted.

Make Your Views Count in this Election.

Here we identify 12 hot topics that most people seem to have a view on. Under each section you will find stimulating opening remarks linked to forum pages where you can add your comments and suggestions. Please raise other topics on the ‘Other Topics’ Forum.

Follow your chosen topics during the election. Raise extra concerns. Put forward more suggestions. When the election is over they will be collated and sent to all newly elected MP’s to guide their thinking.

It you elect your ‘People’s Parliament’ then you can be sure they will be incorporated in their decision making, as set out in our Manifesto.

Keep it Brief

Although this is your chance to have a meaningful ‘rant’ about politician, banks, education, defence, the state of the country and a lot more besides, please take time to write briefly. Keeping what you have to say to as few a words as possible will help to get them read and picked up by others.

And to get others to take you really seriously it will help if you make your contributions specific, with suggestions linked to reasons, and vice-versa.

Forum Etiquette

While emotions run high for all 12 topics, please remember to keep your submissions legal with no bad language, inflammatory comments , or continuous SHOUTING!

This will help the moderators to enter them without restriction.

Thanks everyone.

Forum Topics

A Better Way to …

A Better Way to Avoid Corruption

A Better Way to Business Equity

A Better Way to Defend Britain

A Better Way to Deliver Justice

A Better Way to Elderly Care

A Better Way to Environmental Economics

A Better Way to Future Prosperity

A Better Way to House Britain

A Better Way to Regulate Banking

A Better Way to Reward Efforts

A Better Way to Secure Democracy

A Better Way to Universal Education

Open Debate


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