Hello, Welcome and Thank You ..

... for considering standing as the official candidate for "A Better Way to Govern" in your chosen constituency.

← on the left you will find details of what you have to do to become an Official "A Better Way to Govern" candidate. You will also find your Candidate Application form and the Electoral Commission's official Nomination Papers to help make it easy for you to stand as the Official "A Better way to Govern" candidate.

But before your make your decision to stand ...

Remember ...

"A Better Way to Govern" is really only an umbrella organisation formed so that anyone and everyone fed up with Britain's corrupt and discredited Party Political system can elect a single term, one issue "People's Parliament" tasked with finding and establishing a better way to govern Britain.

As a very new ...

Grass Roots Organisation ...

... it has had no time to attract funds or establish a large party machinery to run an election campaign. It is reliant upon you, the media and the internet:for-

  • getting its clear, unambiguous message out to the electorate
  • attracting people as 'self selecting' candidates
  • letting these Candidates persuade other people to 'nominate' them to stand in their chosen constituency.

It has no 'selection panels' or committees that you have to convince of your suitability. If you think you are ...

a suitable candidate,

then you are!

Providing you can 'tick all the boxes' and are first to apply you will most probably become the Official "A Better Way to Govern" Candidate, entitled to use the Party's 'emblem' and registered 'descriptions' on your promotion material (no one else can use these) - and to have the party emblem printed with your name on the ballot papers that are given out to voters at all of the Polling Stations within your constituency.

Before Rushing

... to get your 10 nominations and filling out the forms, please take time to consider that in the main you will have to rely on yourself and your helpers for much of what you will need to do.

Also that, if you are elected, you will be legally obliged to carry out specific duties as set out in the party manifesto and to spend the time required of you by the "People's Parliament", for which you will only be paid at the reduced rate of £50,000 per year gross, proportionate to the amount of time that the "People's Parliament" takes to determine and enact the required legislation for a new system of representation and Government. Your job will, however, be protected for you to return to if you wish after you have ceased to be a member of the "People's Parliament".

Once you have been registered ...

... by us as the Official Candidate for you specific constituency, you will essentially be on your own.

This includes you having to make sure that you ...

Discharge Your Legal Responsibilities

These are set out on your Candidate Application form, so do make sure you understand them.

The Party will be reliant on you to ensure that you do everything you have to in good time, so as to avoid penalties or other trouble with the law,

It will hold you legally liable to comply with all your undertakings if you fail to do so.