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Electing a "People's Parliament"

Becoming a Candidate

To become the Official “A Better Way to Govern” candidate you will need:-

  • £500 (refundable) deposit to pay to the Returning Officer for your constituency when you lodge your nomination
  • the signatures of 10 supporters within the Constituency where you wish to stand (with their electoral roll numbers - see below) to sign your nomination form
  • Certificate from “A Better Way HQ” that you have been accepted as the Party’s Official Candidate for the Constituency in which you are going to stand

You will then need to:-

  • Download, print, complete and return to Party HQ a copy of the Electoral Commissions formal Nomination Paper that you will submit to the Returning Officer.
  • Provide evidence to the Party Treaurer that you have the £500 deposit immediately available to pay over to your constituency Retruning Officer
  • Complete and submit the Party’s formal Candidate Application form and obtain the formal Certificate that you have been accepted..
    Note: To avoid inappropriate influence from the dominant Party Political System, you should not be an active member of any Party that has had MP's in the UK Westminster Parliament
  • Be willing to give the personal assurances and undertakings set out on t"A Better Way to Govern's" candidate application form.

Choosing a Constituency

It is best if you can choose a Constituency in which you live to stand for election. In most cases this will give you an immediate advantage over opponents who are unlikely to know the area and its problems and concerns as well as you.

You should also be able to specify 3 other nearby constituencies where you could stand if your ;home; constituency is already allocated to someone else.

Because “A Better Way to Govern” will stand the best chance of filling the new “People’s Parliament’ with Members of Parliament elected on its clear, simple manifesto, preference will be given to those people who can agree to be the Party’s Official Candidate anywhere else in the UK if your other choices are taken.

Making sure you have the time, money and support

Providing you can raise the Deposit, either from your own funds or by, for example, getting your nominees to provide around £50 each to cover this, then the lection need not cost you much, if anything more. Ideally you will already have a computer, internet and e-mail access, as well as a printer. But because of the way this campaign will be run, they are not essential.

Accordingly, because “A Better Way to Govern” aims to field a full set of 650 candidates, it will be happy to take anyone who puts their name forward, whether or not they intend to do any ‘electioneering’.

Some people may feel very uncomfortable undertaking such activities, but they might actually be excellent Members of Parliament, able to draw on their knowledge and experience to consider and decide on the suggestions that will be put before the “People’s parliament” quietly and without pressure.

Although you are likely to be contacted by your local press you need not engage with them. If you do then you must remember that “A Better Way to Govern” has only one aim and refuse to be drawn on any other issue. That is a trap for the unpractised and unwary that they – and the other candidates – would love you to fall into.

However, you may need to remain friends with them so as to enable any other helpers that you have to use them to get out information, updates and the like sent to you from party HQ.

If you have no helpers able to do this, or write letters to the editor, or whatever, you may need – or even prefer – to do this yourself.

If you are willing and able to be active to some degree, then organising and directing your helpers will take some effort, especially of you engage in any of the promotional activities suggested below. These can only help your chances of being elected – and that is the aim.

However you do this, if you do, you will need a fair amount of time and be able to raise sufficient extra funds to cover any costs involved.

And please remember, you will be responsible for keeping a full record of all receipts and expenses and returning these to Party Head office.

Guaranteeing that you will keep records required by legislation

As you will see form the official documents set out elsewhere on this web site, the law requires full and proper records of all activities, income and expenditure to be kept and submitted to the authorities within a set time after the end of the election. In registering the Party the Treasurer undertook this responsibility for you.

To be accepted as an Official Candidate you must give a written legal guarantee that you will maintain, complete and return to HQ all those records relating to your activities as a candidate within 3 weeks of the election results being announced so that this obligation can be discharged.

Choosing to be a Member or a Supporter

“A Better Way to Govern” needs as much help and support as it can get. So whether or not you want to join as a ‘member’ of simply to become a supporter, the choice is yours. On the application form there are therefore 4 categories, Under 18, 18-59, Over 60 (all memberships), and Supporter.

The only other difference is that Members will have a voice and a vote in Party affairs, Supporters will not..

Becoming a Helper

Whether or not you are a paid up member, or supporter of “A Better Way to Govern”, you an also be a ‘helper’.

Helpers are required to volunteer for the following roles for the duration of the election campaign and possibly a short while afterwards:-

  • Central & Local Organisers
  • Forum Monitors (national)
  • Bookkeepers (local)
  • Letter writers (local & national)
  • Blog writers (local & national)
  • Social Media monitors, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. (national)
  • Literature procurers (local)
  • Poster managers (local)
  • Poster displayers (windows, signboards, etc. – local)
  • Party spokespersons (local & national)
  • Communications organisers & administrators (local & national)
  • Etc.

Full details are given under the respective sections at Can You Help With

If you have skills, inclination, or just energy to help either locally to you or nationally please do let us know immediately. You will be allocated to a Constituency or National Operations office who will make arrangements to put your kind offer into practice very soon.


As a brand new, special purpose, grass roots political organisation, “A Better Way to Govern” has no funds and is totally reliant on offers of help and donations to enable it to function. While its structure and organisation are believed capable of enabling it to operate and run the election with very limited resources, all and any donations will be greatly appreciated. Funds exceeding immediate operational requirements will be allocated first to national promotion, then to assisting needy Candidates, last to Party reserve funds until the outcome of the lection is known. Surplus funds will be returned to known donors in proportion to their original donation.

If you believe the time has come for a root and branch renewal of Democratic Institutions in Britain, then please send your donations for as much as you can afford straight away.


- Official Nomination Forms
- Becoming an ‘Official A Better Way to Govern Candidate’
- Your Legal (refundable) Deposit


- Choice & Use of Logos’ & Emblems
- Leaflets
- Web Site National Campaign
- Inclusion in National Web
- Candidates Own Blog sites
- Including Candidates Photo’s & Information on Blog site