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These forms are all available as PDF downloads at the links given

The Electoral Commission - Register of Policial Parties "A Better way to Govern" registration details. This provides:-

  • Registered details
  • Evidence that candidates can be fielded in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Links to view the Party's Official Registered Emblems (these cannot be used by anyone else)
  • List of the Party's Offical Party Descriptions (these cannot be sued by anyone else)

The Electoral Commission - Official UK Parliamentary Nomination Pack. This includes:-

  • Candidate Check List - all the things you MUST do and provide
  • Nomination Paper - to be completeed and presented to the Acting Returning Officer for your chosen Constituency
  • Notes and caveats - to help you make sure you do everything legally
  • Home Address Form - to be completed by all candidates
  • Your consent to being nominated as a Candidate
  • Certificate of Authorisation - provided by the Party's rfegistered Nominating Officer, confirming that you are the Offical candidate for your constituency
  • Request for the Party Emblem - so that this can be printed on all the ballor papers issued to electors in your constituency
  • Notification of your Election Agent - this is the person to whom all claims, notices, legal process and other documents may be sent
  • Notification of your Agent's Sub-Agents - not essential and only applies if you are standing in a County Constituency

"A Better Way to Govern" - Official Party Nomination Pack. This includes:-

Advice from the Electoral Commission

You can obtain the full electoral number (of your 10 Constituency Nominees), including the polling district letters by obtaining a copy of the electoral register. As a registered political party you can obtain the electoral register from the local ERO, details are available at aboutmyvote.co.uk and either choose a local authority or put in a postcode. The details are on the right hand side. Your candidates can also obtain a register and we suggest that they do get those to make sure their subscribers are valid. They can get them at the dissolution of parliament and they will need to make a written application. I would recommend that your candidates get the nomination pack from the local Returning Officer as they can then give them their details and receive any local information that may be useful.