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National Web Site

Volunteers, Supporters, Members, Candidtes

The National Web Site has been created and set up very quickly so that everyone - volunteers, supporters, members, candidates and, of course, their electors - can use it as a means of both campaigning and communicating.

It's not perfect, but then it hasn't cost hundreds of thousands of pounds either. It is pretty simple to use, even if you are not terribly internet 'savy’, which means neither you nor your helpers will have to spend hours and hours every day just dealing with individual correspondence and calls.

Use it as a point of reference, to provide answers to any questions you may get asked, and as your main, 'official' promotional tool. As the campaign goes on it is expected to get more and more traffic, comments and interest.

We'll also be providing occasional 'tips and tricks' to help you get the most out of this.

Candidates Details

As soon as your application to be an Official "A Better Way to Govern" candidate has been accepted and confirmed to you, your details will be included.

To help with this we do need you tell us a little about yourself. Three or four paragraphs is enough and if, like many perople, you find writing anything - especially about yourself - difficult, get one of your helpers, or possibly someone from your local authors association, to qucily rattle this out for you.


We will also need a copy of one or more recent photographs. On your own, or with others will be find, providing you identify them (family, friends, work colleagues, etc) and some form of action related photo is best. If you can, let us have a mixture for uploading to accompany your details You can also use all of these for your local publicity material. The quicker you can let us have this, the quicker people will get to hear about you and begin to support you.


You'll also get Your Own Blog site as part of the national web site. Here you will be able to comment on different things as the election campaign moves forward. You'll be able to voice your own views on a daily - even hourly - basis on things that concern you and your electorate. But remember, they will be your views.