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Play It Safe

One Objective – No Policies

The Party strictly has no policies other than to elect a "People's Parliament" with the sole objective of constructing a new system of democratic representation and government.

The more you can restrict your 'blog' entries to this, the better.

You'll also be more likely to stay out of hot water with the media and give your political opponents and their parties much less to snipe at.

Political Jiu Jitsu

Use it constructively.

Invite your electors to consider what good the war of words and polices between your opponents is really doing for them.

Raise all attempts to bribe them with unrealistic, if not impossible promises.

Point out that without a new system such behaviour and deception will continue until the country is in a much worse state than it is now.

Argue for a period of calm reflection while a new system is established, enabling your "People's Party" successor government to operate from not only a sound democratic base, but also a clear knowledge of what our electorate needs.