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Statutory Requirements


There are some Electoral Commission restrictions that you have to observe and which you will find in the advice available on their website,

One of the most important statutory requirements that you must observe is to ensure that the publishers name (usually you) and the name and address of the printer is on all printed material.

Don’t overlook this if someone suddenly wants to make you a gift of paid advertising and promotional material.

Official Logo's and Emblems

These are registered with The Electoral Commission for the exclusive use of “A Better Way to Govern” in the 2010 General Election. No one else can use them and, if you find other parties doing so, you should immediately send an e-mail recording the detail of this abuse to abuses@abetterwaytogovernbritain.co.uk

Political Jiu Jitsu

Apart from this, as you will see, especially as you get into the campaign, they have been designed to give you the chance to use your opponents electioneering efforts as reasons why you should be elected, not them. They will not be able to say very much without talking about a ‘Better Way’ and, as soon as they do, they have provided you with ammunition to turn their words to your advantage. You will hear more about this as the campaign unfolds.

We suggest you use these on stationery, cards, posters, etc,, including your own specific personal, local, or regional promotional material.