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The Printed Word

Flyers, Posters, Leaflet, Brochure


Here you will find standard flyers, window posters, basic leaflets, and postal brochures.

Basic Material

These standard 'flyers' and window posters are both ideal for giving to people in the street or elsewhere, wherever and whenever you meet them. They are intended to raise questions and get people asking for more information.

The basic leaflet expands the flyers as a simple, standard information sheet that you can get printed off to get you started. Give them to anyone showing more than a passing interest in what we are all doing.

"Free" Post

The Postal Brochure is a slightly more detailed publication for use very close to the election. Use this to take advantage of the 'FREE' mail delivery into the homes of each and every registered elector in your constituency. As a candidate you are entitled to this and, assuming an average constituency size of around 70,000 people and a low normal mailing cost of, say, £0.30p.and, as you can see, this is worth £21,000 to you. Not a bad short term return on your £500 deposit (which we all expect to get back anyway). The downside is that you will have to find the costs of printing, but you may be able to get a sympathetic printer (they've all been under the cosh recently and might love the chance to 'strike back') to print these off for very little.


...any or all of the above, or get your printer to do so for you. The key thing to remeber is that anythin printed must carry the name of the publisher (e.g. candidate) plusthe name and contact details of the printer.


Please share your ideas for the all of this publicity material by sending each item to us as a PDF that can be placed on this site for otghers to download and use in their own campaign.