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Electing a "People's Parliament"



What's it All About?

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Simples ....!

If you feel completely

  • angry
  • frustrated
  • betrayed
  • disgusted
  • disillusioned
  • upset
  • generally 'fed up'

... with Members of Parliament and UK Government,.

"A Better Way to Govern" enables you to take control.

"A Better Way to Govern" has been formed with one aim - to create a...

People's Parliament

It's sole purpose is to find a Better Way to run the country.

  • No more sleaze
    Young People Jump for Joy
  • No more corruption
  • No more cover-ups
  • No more capitulation to bankers and rip-off merchants
  • No more Career Politicians selling themselves for personal or party gain
  • No more Party Politics designed to hold power over the people for benefits of the elite
  • No more .... (you fill in the blanks!)

You've got the idea.

"A Better Way to Govern" is about sending all those who have regarded us, the voters, as stupid, unwilling to think for ourselves, and unable to do anything about it ... PACKING.

And make no mistake - YOU CAN DO IT!

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You do not have to vote for one of the mainstream parties that, collectively, have got us into this mess.

And you do not have to waste your vote on a minor party

You can choose "A Better Way to Govern"

How You Can Make Sure We Do It

On this website you will find full details of how "A Better Way to Govern" will:-

  • create a single issue 'People's Parliament'
  • work with you, the people, to find, develop and create a new form of Government
  • use 12 of the country's major, current concerns as a filter to check and test its proposals
  • consult you at each stage of the process
  • ... and much more

Formed as a 'Political Party'

... to conform with current legislation, "A Better Way to Govern" is the only 'Party' that - for the first time ever - gives each and every Briton of voting age a real voice in how they want to be Governed.

How Did We Ever Get Here?

In considering why Britain has got into the terrible mire of corruption and self seeking politicians, it identifies the Party Political system itself as the Culprit.

How You Can Take Power

Then it lays out for you a way in which, during a single People's Parliament, you can take power from those who have become known as our 'Political Class' to create a new system of governance at all levels of society in which People truly hold the Power.

How You Can Become an MP

Here you will find out how you can stand as a Parliamentary Candidate, together with the forms and procedures that enable you to do so.

More Ways for YOU to Help

And you will find many ways in which you can use your skills, experience and enthusiasm to lend assistance to this cause.


You must act now, immediately, or forever lose your chance to change the way you, your children and grandchildren unto many generations, are governed.

If you are concerned for our democratic heritage

If you have something to contribute

If you could be an MP



Politics, Voting, HELP!!!

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