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In Brief

Our Common Cause

Democracy Gagged

"A Better Way to Govern" is a Grass Roots movement. It has been formed to give ordinary citizens the opportunity to rid themselves of a political system along with politicians who act as though they have some divine right to rule.

To contest the election it has to be a 'Party' to be identified on your Ballot Paper and give cohesion to this common cause.

A "People's Parliament"

Its aim is not simply to 'reform' our Parliamentary system, in which power has been usurped by a small group of Party Political elites, but to totally replace the top down, power crazy Party Political System that has resulted, undermining and corrupting British democracy on the way.

This means electing Britain's first ever "People's Parliament" to give citizens the system of representation that they want, rather than one devised by and for what has become our 'Political Class'. They have no place in our new democracy.

In the same way that post Cromwellian Government set the scene for the development of Britain’s constitutional monarchy, this “People’s Parliament” will address issues that could define our society for the next several hundred years.

How relevant, for example, is our system of electing MP’s? Have they become mere tokens of democracy, cyphers of mega power institutions? Is a sectarian approach to legislation most appropriate for a burgeoning cosmopolitan country, or should national institutions be more secular? In our ‘always-on’ age do we need 650 ‘representatives’ of the people to physically meet in a Parliament, or is cyberspace a more appropriate forum?

One Issue - One Term

Through an iterative process of public consultation and full parliamentary consideration a new method of representing the concerns and views of the whole country will be determined. Once legislation has been enacted to give this force, Parliament will be dissolved and the new system put into practice.

Who can stand?


You, your friends, your workmates, the guy or gal in the pub that's got an opinion on everything ...

Anyone except someone who is currently an active member of one of the major parties. That's Labour, Liberal, Conservative, Scottish Nationalist, Welsh Nationalist, Ulster Unionist, or anyone else carrying a load of political baggage that is likely to try and keep things as they are. Anyone else who genuinely wants to re-create a truly democratic form of government that leaves power with the people, is welcome.

An Invitation

That includes all the smaller parties and independents who presently have little or no hope of influencing government, even if they do get MP's elected. By helping to find and choose a new electoral system they have the best chance ever of getting their proper concerns heard in Parliament. They are invited to join with us to elect"People's Parliament".

Following their Leader

Why attack the Parties?

It is not the ‘Parties’ that are being attacked, but the corrupt Party Political System of gaining and holding on to power.

It is perfectly sensible for people of like mind to join together to promote their common views, as we are doing now. But it is total nonsense to allow the hierarchy of any Party to then grasp and exercise power as they have been doing in the UK over at least the last 30 or so years.

What are the Alternatives?

There are many, both in the way voting and elections are conducted, and of the source of power, e.g. top down –v- bottom up. Consideration of the profile of those elected or appointed to positions of authority and government may also need to be considered. Likewise, in our electronic age, the size of Parliament and Government, as well as how it functions, are proper things for reassessment.

Some examples and links are set out below, but it will be the task of the new ‘People’s Parliament’ to find, categorise, correlate, analyse, and discuss these, consulting all the time with ordinary people in all constituencies. Our Election Manifesto sets out a procedure for doing this.

Economic Crisis

Who Governs in the Meantime?

With thousands of laws passed over the last 13 years a pause to allow the Country to reflect on how sensible and worthwhile these have been will be a welcome side effect of the "People's Parliament" for many people. Primarily concerned with finding and securing a better way to govern Britain,new ideas and policies will be left for its successor government.Meanwhile day-to-day administration will be in the hands of our very professional and capable Civil Service, while the plans they have recently drawn up for a 'hung parliament' may become relevant. A small cabinet will decide on urgent matters of state, advised by specially selected co-optees, all as set out in our Election Manifesto.

What About the Huge Deficit?

The major parties have all been going hammer and tongue over how to handle this. Between them they have come up with some quite good ideas. But are they the right ones, and should the Country be rushed into 'solutions' that it is not really willing to accept? A brief pause for reflection before action is often the best way to proceed, and these important matters will be addressed by the new Cabinet.


Direct Democracy

Representative Democracy
Preference Voting
Instant Run Off Voting
Single Transferable Vote
Condorcet Method
The Schukz Method
Range Voting
Consensus Decision Making


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