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The Corruption of British Democracy

Power Politics

  • The UK suffers from an all pervasive political mindset of seizing and retaining power
  • This has infiltrated and undermined our democratic institutions, particularly Government
  • It has led to the emergence of a “Political Class” of employed Careerist Politicians
  • Loyalty to their ‘Party’ protects their ‘jobs’ and can lead to ministerial promotion
  • As a result our Parliamentary Institutions and Government have been corrupted.
  • UK Politicians have created and supported corrupt practices, including election bribery
  • Ignoring the electorates proper concerns they promise ‘jam tomorrow’ for our votes today
  • Regardless of personal actions or affiliations, they are now all corrupt by association

… there must be

A Better Way to Govern Britain

… but this is unlikely to be found or delivered by our present Party Political structures whose primary interests are to secure majority election so as to remain in Government.

Created for You

To meet the demands of recent legislation, A Better Way to Govern has been created as a new political party. Its sole aim is to give people across Britain a way to take back power and decide on how they wish to be governed.

If ...

  • If you feel you can no longer trust what your Member of Parliament tells you.
  • If you no longer believe that she or he truly seeks to serve you 100% rather than his or her Party, or their own ‘job for life’.
  • If you think that Politicians pay themselves too much and do too little for it.
  • If you are concerned that Government at all levels may be secretive and take actions that have little or no regard for your concerns.
  • If you are horrified to find that, from Prime Minister down we all appear to have been lied to, disenfranchised and robbed of taxpayers’ money.
  • If you believe that the time has come when citizens can and should take direct affirmative action to create a truly democratically representative system of Government …

… then act now to elect A Better Way to Govern and, in a single term, create a new system

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