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"Time to Call Time" ... on Grubby Politics

Big Ben at Sundown

Are You Afraid of Change?

Certainly our present Politicians will all try to persuade you that you should be.

But then they would, wouldn't they?

Beware of their 'forked tongues'

You see they are going to try to persuade you that changing the way we organise and run our political affairs will be dangerous for Britain.

They will claim that the kind of change proposed here will:-

  • prejudice the economy
  • leave the country rudderless
  • endanger foreign policy
  • put the NHS, Police and Education at risk
  • ... and much more besides.

Don't Dare to be Radical ...

... is what they will tell you.

If you dare to elect people who do not have political experience, then no one will be able to 'run the country'.

You must vote for someone that they have selected as a right and proper person to 'represent' you and so return their party to power. Power over you, that is. After all, they have been trained and drilled in the 'art of politics'. They know how to Govern. Trust them to make the right decisions for you.

Sick-Making Sycophancy in the Extreme

What they will really be saying is,

"Cor blimey gov, if we don't watch out we'll be out of a job. And their ain't much else we can do. After spending years being groomed, grooming one another, and learning how to strut the national and world stage so as to keep the top jobs for ourselves, if we let the 'prolls' change the rules we'll have wasted our time and have nothing to show for it."

Power to the People

Well It's Time to Revolt ... if you've got the stomach for it.

Make no mistake, what we are about is tantamount to a silent revolution.

A 'bloodless coup'.

'They' - the establishment, the elite, the ruling Political Class, will resist the People taking back Power for themselves. And they will try to persuade you that whatever it is that you want, they can do it for you.

They will promise to set up inquiries and commissions to address your grievances.

They will guarantee almost whatever you ask for -providing you leave them and their rotten system in power to do it. But we've heard their promises many times before.

Can you trust them now?

"The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself"

And they will do everything to make you afraid that if you do not do so then you will be worse off. You, your family, your friends, your community, will suffer.

But who are they kidding?

They are all already busy telling us that the future is bleak.

That there will be swinging cuts.

That we are a long way off getting back to 'normality'

"Trust us to protect you. To take the worries off your shoulders. To once again deliver the promise of a bright new future", is what they will say.

Well we did trust them to do all of these things and look where it has got us. No matter what the future holds it can't be much worse than the low, demoralised, fearful state that they have got us into.

So don't be afraid. Take your courage in your hands. And remember the words of Franklin D Roosevelt - "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself".

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