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What's It All About?


Britain's Rip Off Election

Britain is in a mess!

Frustration & Stress

Corruption everywhere - politicians, priests, bankers, police, business practices …

You name it … they've abused it

And now we’ve got an election

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who should you vote for?

2. A would be ‘President’ Prime Minister?

3. Their retained lackey and ‘would be MP’ candidates?

4. Their combined, hyped up, promised bribes?

5. Who can you believe?

6. Who can you trust?

7. Who will represent you?

Correct Answer?

None of the above.

Why Not?

Because it is they who have got us into this mess

Capitalism ins't working

Everything they say they will do now, they could have done over the last 30 years
(That’s 18 years of Conservative and 13 years of New Labour ‘rule’)

Even now they don’t know the answers added to which ....

  • None of them are straight; they all dodge the issue
  • If it’s ‘tricky’ they’ll set up a ‘commission’ to report later
  • If it’s ‘iffy’ they won’t tell us about it until after the election

Are they all to blame?

  • Yes, even those who’ve not been elected before
  • None of them can truly represent you, because they are tied to their ‘Party’
  • All of them are creatures of the Party Political system
  • It is only because they have bought into and will follow the Party line that they are standing
  • They’ve fawned, sucked up, kissed bums, and ‘fought hard’ to get their Party to ‘select’ them
  • Now they are on the verge of a ‘Career’ in politics.
  • A Career in which they aren’t really allowed to ‘think outside the box’, even of they could
  • They won’t ‘rock the boat’ because their Career’s will suffer – one way or another

So they don’t - and they won’t. .

Watch your back

They are all sycophants, whatever their political colour, standing, or position.

They are all to blame

What’s wrong with our Party Political System?

  • It concentrates ‘Power’ in the hands of a number of small elites’
  • The Party structures operate to control access to these elites.
  • Our major Parties act as a cartel to exclude all contenders
  • They decide who can be heard, and how.
  • They spend huge amounts on advertising and promotion, effectively excluding others
  • They have rigged TV and Radio so that only their speakers ‘debate’ issues.
  • They have subverted much of the media, turning its investigations to their own account
  • Their promises of ‘Jam Tomorrow’ bribe us using our own money
  • If ‘they’ are elected again they will take our money to fund their own future election costs
    Sun - Darling Expenses
  • They have undermined and corrupted our cherished democracy from the top down.
  • At root they perpetuate the ‘Rotten Boroughs’
  • The Party Political System they represent is inherently corrupt
  • They fail, refuse, or simply cannot see how this is so, or what alternative there could be
  • Having been caught out, they repent wearing ‘sack cloth and ashes’
  • Their sincerity is not real.
  • We do not trust them

Can they get away with it?

NO ...

Not if you take your courage in your hands,
vote for “A Better Way to Govern”
and elect Britain’s first real

“People’s Parliament”

What is “A Better Way to Govern”?

  • A conundrum.
    • an oxymoron.
      • an ‘A-Political Party’, meaning it has no allegiances to left or right, up or down
        • a ‘Party’ because changes in the law require a grouping of candidates to be so registered

A 'Virtual' party

  • It presently has no candidates selected, but will when you or your nominees decide to stand
    • It has no ‘members’, because many good people are not ‘joiners’ and resent being ‘roped in’
    • It has no supporters – until you decide to give your support
    • It has no committees, helpers, or election organisation, unless you can lend a hand
    • It has no funds unless you give them, no big unions or rich backers unless they appear now

Interdependent Independence

  • Break the Chains - Free your brains
    It was created for independent minds & is more independent than an independent candidate
    • It is both less than and more than a political grass roots uprising being closest to your ideas
    • It could not exist without the internet, e-mail, social media and other communication wonders

Your Revolution

  • It is a revolution, because your views can be truly represented, heard and considered.
    • It is a child of our time, bringing an essential new life force as a “Better Way to Govern Britain”
    • It is based on our inherent British values of compromise, justice, and fair play for all.

No Vested Interests

  • Vested Interests 1
    Because for the first time in hundreds of years general public uprising demands a new system
    • yet all established Political Parties have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo
    • and much of the media are aligned with the system and in bed with our Politicians
    • with these media moguls believing they can tell you who to vote for – if you let them

No Obligations

  • Because for the first time an election can be contested without media support
    • and the electronic age enables a bloodless revolution to take place

Your Election

Because this is perhaps your one and only chance to change the course of history

On Election Day 2010 by common consensus YOU will be able to determine “A Better Way to Govern Britain”

Why was it created?

What will it do?

“A Better Way to Govern” has only one aim; to be elected for a single continuous term until a better way to represent your wishes, hold and manage power, and to govern your country has been determined.

Once this has been done, Parliament will be dissolved and the new system put into operation, whether this be via some form of general election, upward delegation, cross interest group representation, direct decision formula, or whatever.

It will be agnostic toward policies and new regulation, these being the proper concern of its successor government.

Putting Government in Safer Hands

World in Safe hands

With day-to-day administration of National affairs safely in the hands of our accomplished Civil Service, it will address essential matters of Government via a small Cabinet of Ministers appointed by the entire House of Commons aided by unpaid experienced experts and/or specialists co-opted as necessary from all sectors of the community. Decisions involving potential new policies, defense, national economy, or of a strategic nature will be presented to the People’s Parliament for decision by simple majority voting without discussion. (This will help concentrate the focus of MP’s on the single purpose for which they have been elected.)

Reducing MP's Pay & Cutting Out Waste

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Members of Parliament will be paid only for the duration of the People’s Parliament at a rate proportionate to £50,000 p.a. (e.g. £25,000 for 6 months). The pay of ministers and other officers will reflect the same proportionate reduction. An act will be passed requiring the present jobs of anyone elected to be held open for them after the dissolution of Parliament, and requiring the employers of co-optees to release them to Government Service without loss of pay or other benefits. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. very small or ill-funded organisations, Government may cover such costs

Provisions for MP’s travel, accommodation and expenses are all set out in the Election Manifesto.

A Clear Timetable

The People’s Parliament will follow a procedure and timetable for determining the single issue before it after consideration of all concerns and suggestions provided to it by you via the Forums on this web site and after various consultations with electors in each constituency. These are also set out in the Election Manifesto.

True Representation

The People’s Parliament will benefit hugely from the true diversity of backgrounds, experience and views that “A Better Way to Govern” MP’s will be able to draw on in their contributions and deliberations. In contrast to present / recent incumbents, untrammeled by Party Political dogma or constraint, they will be free to properly represent your concerns and ideas in a truly democratic manner.

What happens if a "People's Parliament" cannot be formed?

In this unlikely event "A Better Way to Govern" MP's will have the same status and benefits of MP's form other parties BUT they will be able to work for you inside the House of Commons, constantly watching, 'whistle blowing', challenging and pressing for the changes outlined here and wanted by you.


VIDEO: Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - Playing with Honor



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