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Nomination Papers

Checklist for Nomination Papers

The Electoral Commission has prepared standard Nomination Papers with a Checklist of things that you must obtain, submit and do to become a candidate.

We have created a PDF download of this for easy access and print out.

You can access the original Word documents at Nomination Papers for UK Parliamentary election and can then either type of write directly into these, as well as saving a copy of your completed forms to send to Party HQ to secure your selection as the Official Candidate.

Your 10 'Subscribers' (Supporters)

Please note that your 10 ‘Subscribers’ include your Proposer and Seconder plus a further 8 ‘Subscribers’ who assent to your nomination

They must all be electors in the Constituency for which you wish to stand and give both their Polling District and Electoral Number.

Obtaining Polling District and Electoral Numbers for your ‘Subscribers’

Certificate of authorisation signed by the Nominating Officer of a political party

You will also need to submit this certificate with your nomination papers.

This will be sent to you after the copy of these Nomination Papers that you e-mail to Party HQ have been accepted and you have been recorded as the Official Party Candidateyou’re your constituency.